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Lake Vico and Cimini Mountains


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Lake Vico (the ancient Lacus Ciminus) is a small lake of volcanic origin on the Cimini Mountains, one of the most charming areas in the province of Viterbo. The lake formed about 400, 000 years ago after some violent volcanic eruptions. Today, many excellent resorts built around the lake make it one of the favourite tourist destinations. The area offers a lot to those who love quiet and tranquil places. Covered with chestnuts, oaks and beech, the hills of the Cimini Mountains are a good place for a relaxing holiday. You will also have the possibility to make excursions on horseback and trek along panoramic roads. The economy of the area is mainly based on hazelnut growing; if you happen to stay in one of the many small towns on the hills, donít forget to taste a tozzetto (a typical local cake made with hazelnuts). In any case, wonderful nature and good food are just two of the ingredients which make this area a lovely place to stay. Just a few miles from the lake you can find some hidden jewels, such as the palazzo Farnese at Caprarola and the Roman amphitheatre at Sutri; or typical medieval towns, such as Ronciglione and Soriano nel Cimino. 

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