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 Situated just a few miles from Viterbo, the Sacred Wood of Bomarzo is perhaps one of the oddest places on earth. Better known as the   Monster  Park  , the Sacred Wood is an unusual creation done by Vicino Orsini, the lord of Bomarzo, in the mid sixteenth century. It consists of a green area scattered with huge statues. The sculptures were carved out of big peperino stones and took inspiration from several literary sources such as knightly poems, Dante Alighieri, Grecian-Roman mythology and esoteric tradition. They reveal Orsiniís preference for bizarre, odd and eerie things. The interpretation of the sculptures often require a big effort on the part of the visitor, inasmuch as they are the expression of a deep philosophical theory. From an artistic standpoint, the Sacred Wood decidedly tends towards the Baroque. Walking through the Sacred Wood you will be charmed by the dreamlike aura in which the place wraps itself, and by the sculptures which seem to emerge spontaneously from the ground, as if they were all at one with the natural landscape.

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