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Lake of Bolsena - Capodimonte
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 Bisentina Island

A charming landscape, ancient historical towns and good food make Lake Bolsena a wonderful place for a pleasant and relaxing holiday. Once known as Volsiniensis Lacus, Lake Bolsena is the largest volcanic lake in Italy  ( 44 sq. mi). Its crystal-clear water holds a great variety of fish such as pike, tench, carp, white fish and eels. Many pleasant small towns rise on little hills all around the lake (Gradoli, Marta, Grotte di Castro, Bolsena, Capodimonte, Montefiascone). In the early Renaissance, most of these places became the favourite holiday resorts of the powerful Farnese family. The two small islands in the lake (the Bisentina and the Martana islands) are the remains of volcanic cones. The Bisentina is especially noteworthy for its beautiful natural environment and for its ancient monuments, among which is the church of Santi Giacomo and Cristoforo. Used by cardinals and popes as a hunting preserve, the island gave hospitality to a monastic community, and some small chapels were built all over the islands. Between spring and autumn, it is also possible to make boat trips to the Bisentina island. The Martana, instead, is famous because of Amalasunta, the queen of the Goths. The queen’s cousin Teodato confined the woman to the small island, and, some time later, he killed her in cold blood. 

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