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BOOK A CONDUCTED TOUR IN LAND OF ETRUSCANS- Tarquinia - Palazzo Farnese a Caprarola - Civita di Bagnoregio

Cerveteri, once known as “Kysra”, “Agylla” or “Caere”, is situated on theComearr.jpg (46717 byte) coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. This powerful Etruscan town reached the top of its power in the Oriental period (7th century BC). The most important tombs are located at the Banditaccia necropolis, Cerveteri’s main burial ground. The necropolis consists of several funeral monuments with a circular foundation that supports a big earthen mound. These mound graves house several rooms with funeral benches carved out of the rock. Built between the 8th and the 6th century BC, they are particularly interesting for the design of the rooms reproducing the Etruscan houses. The most remarkable tombs are the Tomb of the Capitals, the Tomb of the Hut, the Tomb of the Greek Vases and the Tomb of the Reliefs. The National Etruscan Museum, housed in the Ruspoli Castle, holds a vast collection of funerary artefacts found in the tombs around Cerveteri.

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